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Welcome to Ichthus Knives

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My Story…

My name is Mike Purchis and Ichthus knives is located in the hills of central Kentucky where folks still take pride in craftsmanship. In my shop I create custom knives of steel from some of the best forges and blade designers. I use 440c stainless steel blade blanks then add my custom touches to create an affordable one of a kind knife. Every knife is individually crafted and styled to bring out the beauty and functionality of a fine cutting tool. I’ve shipped my knives all over the U.S. and I’d be proud to make you one. Prices for folders start at $37.50 and the average straight knife is $45-$75.

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Welcome to Ichthus Knives. The word Ichthus come from ancient Christianity and is commonly used to identify the fish symbol. This fish symbol signifies the time Christ fed the multitude with 5 loaves of bread 2 fishes. I use the word Ichthus to remind myself that God is in control and provides all things. It represents my faith in Him.


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